Lora W., RN

Portland, OR

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I know all about the compassion and excellence of the caregivers at St. Vincent, since I serve as a chaplain. It became really personal for me when my granddaughter was born at St. Vincent and needed emergent NICU care. Lora W., RN, was the NICU nurse in the delivery room, recognized that my newborn granddaughter was in trouble, and jumped into action. Lora's lifesaving measures, and the care provided by each and every NICU caregiver during my granddaughter's two-week stay, were essential in saving her life and giving her the best possible outcome. I am so thankful to Lora and to all the NICU caregivers at St. Vincent for their care and intervention--not just for my family but for all the babies you serve each and every day. You are now and always will be part of our family story.

- Anonymous

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