Laura S., RN

Portland, OR

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Samantha Stone was hospitalized for over two months due to complications with her pregnancy. According to Samantha, it was Laura Stadler, RN, who made all the difference during her stay.

“She took the time to get to know me as a patient and a person. You could tell she loved her job and it showed in the quality of care she gave.”

Laura went above and beyond her standard duties to ensure Samantha felt comfortable throughout her extended visit. Laura even brought in books to help keep Samantha occupied, and she devoted extra time each day to ensure Samantha was taken care of.

In fact, Laura’s intuition and comprehensive understanding of her patients played a pivotal role in the safe delivery of Samantha’s baby. “Because she took the time to get to know me, she knew I was in more pain than I would admit to,” said Samantha. Laura identified that Samantha was in labor, which led to an emergency C-Section. Thanks to Laura and the Perinatal Special Care team, both Samantha and her baby made it out of the delivery healthy and safe.

"Looking back, I feel so grateful to have had such a compassionate and attentive Providence team taking care of me during this life-changing experience."

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