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Portland, OR

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Chris Kiepke has battled heart disease his entire life. The 43-year-old father of two has had four open heart surgeries and multiple hospitalizations for heart failure.

Jacob Abraham, MD, medical director of the Center for Advanced Heart Disease, knew Chris needed a better way to monitor his heart before major interventions were needed.

Dr. Abraham and the team at the Providence Heart Institute gave Chris a mobile early warning system, which is a tiny device in one of his arteries that records data on his heart rate and pulmonary blood pressure. This device transmits data each day to Dr. Abraham, so he can call Chris to adjust the treatment if needed.

Chris has been able to avoid hospitalization since he received his monitor, and he is extremely grateful for the care he received. He wants people to be aware that there are options out there and that the great team at Providence can help manage heart failure. “People should know that, even if you have pretty bad heart failure, there are choices coming that can really improve your living,” said Chris. “I feel better than I have in 15 years.

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